The Blue Routes are paths that connect beaches or harbours which have been awarded Blue Flag status and which contribute to the sustainable use of the coast. They are a programme implemented by ADEAC (the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education, the Spanish branch of the EU’s Foundation for Environmental Education).This programme has the backing of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and the Environment and it encourages sustainable use and management of the coastal environment and its surroundings through cooperation and feedback between the tourist and environmental sectors.

The Blue Routes provide recognition for municipalities that work towards improving and restoring their natural and ethnological coastal heritage, and they also have an important social impact as they are excellent places to enjoy nature and become key connecting elements for the development, health and well-being of society as a whole.

The Palma coastal route passes through areas of great natural, cultural and scenic value. It links the Centre Blau andits Sea School with Cala Estància, a beach awarded Blue Flag status.


mapa sender blau

zonesSpaces of environmental, cultural and heritage interest

The environmental education activities regarding coastal ecosystems and sustainable development have made it possible for Sa Petrolera to become a blue centre and for esCarnatge to be declared a centre of cultural interest (CIC) thanks to its paleontological importanceand also a natural area of special interest (ANEI). For its part, the illot desaGalera is listed as a BIC(asset of cultural interest). Facts such as these show that the coastal route is a special setting in Palma.